Do you have skin concerns? Problem areas you’d like to address?

Our Advanced Skin Analysis is performed under a WoodsLamp Skin Scanner, which is capable of revealing skin imperfections, sun damage, uneven texture and debris in the dermis, which can determine the current and future appearance of your skin.

Following a comprehensive analysis of your skin type and condition, a treatment plan is developed to repair, correct or remedy current and future skin issues.

Skin Care, as unique as you.

In consultation with you, we will tailor a medical grade skin care program that is unique to your individual concerns. This may involve recommendations on the correct skin care for your needs using chirally* correct cosmecuticals** (available only through licenced clinics) and if necessary any medical grade treatments required to address your skin and concerns.

For a personally customised, effective treatment plan that meets your skin care goals, lifestyle, and budget, book an Advanced Skin Assessment at Endless Solutions today.

*Chiral (Ki-Rul) is derived from the Greek word (kheir) meaning hand. When a product is “chirally correct”, it means that it contains only the molecules with the ability to give the desired results, without impact by molecules that provide undesired results.

**Cosmeceuticals bridge the gap between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals in the effects they have on the skin. “Cosmeceutical” is generally accepted as meaning a product that offers both cosmetic and drug-like benefits. Cosmeceuticals are defined as hybrid products, derived from cosmetics and drugs that enhance aesthetic appearance and make therapeutic claims with respect to affecting structure or function of the body and/or mitigating, treating, or preventing disease.

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