Open up your eyes to the potential of eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, can provide both cosmetic and functional benefits for the patient. If you are concerned about your aesthetic appearance, or have trouble seeing clearly, then eyelid surgery may be for you. By removing excess skin, underlying fatty tissue and muscle from both the upper and lower eyelids, blepharoplasty has improved drooping skin and bagginess in many of Melbourne patients.

Your eyes are the first to show signs of ageing, so if you want to reduce lines and wrinkles, as well as puffiness above and below the eye, eyelid surgery can help. Additionally, if excess skin is impairing your peripheral vision, this operation can also help to improve the eyesight of older patients who have hooding of their upper eyelids.

Blepharoplasty Surgery Melbourne Before & After

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Professional Blepharoplasty Surgery for Melbourne Patients

Blepharoplasty surgery (or eyelid sugery) is customised for every patient, depending on his or her particular needs. It can be performed alone involving upper, lower or both eyelid regions, or in conjunction with other surgical procedures of the eye, face, brow, or nose. In some patients, who have looseness between the lower eyelid and the eyeball, consideration for tightening of the lower eyelid (canthoplasty/canthopexy) at the time of blepharoplasty may be recommended. It can however, diminish the look of loose skin and bagginess in the eyelid region.

Other forms of eyelid surgery may be needed should you have disorders affecting the function of the eyelid such as drooping eyelids from muscle problems (eyelid ptosis) or looseness between the eyelid and eyeball (ectropion). Minor skin wrinkling may be improved through chemical skin-peels, laser resurfacing, or other skin treatments. Risks and potential complications are associated with alternative surgical forms of treatment.

Results of Eyelid Surgery

Long-Term Results: Subsequent alterations in eyelid appearance may occur as the result of aging, weight loss or gain, sun exposure, pregnancy, menopause, or other circumstances not related to blepharoplasty surgery. Blepharoplasty surgery does not stop the ageing process or produce permanent tightening of the eyelid region. Future surgery or other treatments may be necessary to maintain the results of eyelid surgery.

Further Blepharoplasty surgery information

Not all patients in Melbourne are suitable for blepharoplasty surgery. A consultation is required to assess your suitability, medical history and general health & fitness, and to allow you to discuss the procedure including risks and complications.

Although it can add an upper eyelid crease to the Asian eyelid, it will not erase evidence of one’s racial or ethnic heritage. Blepharoplasty will not remove “crow’s feet” or other wrinkles, eliminate dark circles under the eyes, or lift sagging eyebrows.Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second medical opinion.

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