Genital Enhancement for Wellbeing and Confidence

Labiaplasty or vaginal surgery is a medical procedure that reduces unwanted tissue around the labia minora (inner lips) or labia majora (outer lips.) For some women, their labia can be a problem when being involved in sports such as bike riding or horse riding. For others, it can be uncomfortable for them to wear tight-fitting clothing. More often than not, some women feel very self-conscious about their large labia and find that this can interfere with their comfort with intimate relationships or with intercourse.

In all these cases, their labia minora or labia majora causes them symptoms that are painful, uncomfortable or distressing. There is no particular reason why some women have larger labia than others, but a simple labiaplasty operation, known by its lesser medical term as ‘designer vagina’ surgery, can alleviate this anatomical problem.

Benefits of Labiaplasty Surgery

Genital enhancement, or ‘designer vagina’ surgery, has many aesthetic and functional benefits. After the procedure, most women have less discomfort during intercourse, feel more positive about their appearance and show overall improvement in their self-esteem. For some women who have experienced childbirth, labiaplasty can help repair the vagina and improve pleasure during intercourse.

FAQ About Labiaplasty/Labioplasty

What is the Labiaplasty procedure like?

Under a sedation and local anaesthetic, the excess tissue is removed and sutures used to close the incisions made. The procedure takes approximately an hour and patients can go home after a brief observation period. Most patients feel uncomfortable for 2 or 3 days but can usually return to work after that time, provided they don’t do a lot of walking. A pad is worn to absorb any exudate, and antibiotics taken to reduce the chances of an infection in that area. The sutures dissolve and usually don’t need to be taken out. Pain is usually manageable with simple analgesics (Panadeine type). Salt baths help to sooth the area and keep it clean.

How long before I can be sexually active again?

This varies between individuals but for most women, it is somewhere around a month after the operation if healing is normal.

Does it affect my ability to have children?

Because the incisions don’t go right around the opening of the vagina and the tissues usually heal very well, it is likely that a normal vaginal delivery would not be any different for a woman who has had a labiaplasty (or labioplasty) compared to any other woman.

Are there visible scars from Labiaplasty?

For most people, the scars are virtually invisible and cannot be seen after a few months of healing and remodelling of the tissues in the area.

Is there a Medicare rebate?

For a few women in Melbourne, there may be a Medicare rebate applicable for labiaplasty. This can be determined during your consultation.

Will I need to be examined on the day of consultation?

For the surgeon to perform or plan labiaplasty surgery, he will need to examine you to make sure that you are a suitable candidate. This means that if you feel comfortable on the day of consultation you can be examined then; however it can be any time before final arrangements for the operation day are made.

Are any special blood tests required?

For most healthy women no blood tests are required.

What if I have more questions regarding labiaplasty?

Not all patients are suitable for this procedure, and a consultation is required to assess your suitability, medical history and general health & fitness. The consultation will also allow you to discuss the procedure including risks and complications. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second medical opinion.

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